My Favorite 2010 Photos: The Honorable Mentions

There are so many different reasons to love an image.  For the person who takes the photo, the images does not happen in a vacuum.  It is one tiny moment inside of a memory of a great photo session, of time with family, friends, the wonder of nature or the world around us.  Yes, it is possible to love a photo because it is technically great and well composed and all those things.  But most of us love photos because they take us back to that moment in time and help us remember.  As 2010 comes to a close, I thought I would post my top ten fourteen favorite photos from the year, from both paid and personal work.  However, it is REALLY hard to narrow down your favorites for an entire year (thus the 14).  Are you kidding me!  I went through EVERYTHING, and came up with 103 favorites. Seriously.  So, I’m starting off with all my ‘honorable mention’ pics that are indeed my favorites, but didn’t quite make the top 14.

I’ve put them in this handy dandy slide show so you don’t have to get carpel tunnel scrolling down the screen to see them all.   I hope you enjoy them and you may even see yourself!  Thank you to everyone who let me capture these tiny moments in our lives.  You are all amazing and awesome!

Come back tomorrow for photo #14 out of the top 14!


*the photo in which I appear – clearly not taken by me. Thanks Hillary Carlile!

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  • Jessica Klima - Awww! I made it! I made it! YAY!

    I have to tell you that Julia walked up to my computer as soon as the pic of me dancing slid across the screen and she said, “Momma, what kind of face is that? Can you make it again?” LOL!

    Thanks for posting, I love looking at all of your neat-o shots!

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