Sharing the Love Starts Now | Would you like a session for half the price?

Obligatory Dude photo. He loves reading with Daddy. =)

I’m so excited to be starting my new Share the Love program. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me tell you.

For every photography session you purchase for yourself, a donated session will be offered to a family in need.

In my head, I picture the Mom who receives these pictures. No matter what crazy stuff happens – no matter the family drama or the heartache or the challenges she faces in the coming years – she will have these images.


Get a session. Give a session. It’s that simple. SHARE THE LOVE.

Now, I REALLY want to start giving away free sessions to some families, so I’m taking Share the Love a little bit further to kick off this program.

So…the next 3 families/people/friends/hula dancers that book a regular session, will only pay 1/2 price for the whole thing. Yup, you heard me. Half price.

Why? Because I want to start giving away some free sessions to families who need some TLC!! That’s why! And if you know a family that fits the bill, what better way to lift their spirits and provide them AND YOU with some wonderful memories than to get a 1/2 off session for yourself so they can have one for free! Want more details? Just click that little contact link up in the menu or see the sidebar for my contact details. I look forward to hearing from you!

Want to ShareShare the Love? Even if you aren’t looking for custom photography for yourself right now, you might know some other awesome family who is. So take a second to Like or even better to Share this Post on Facebook or Twitter. You rock.

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