The In Betweens

Life around here has slowly begun to resemble some sort of routine lately. I know, I know. The moment you think you’ve got your baby figured out, he changes and you have to figure him out all over again. I will say that for the most part he’s a pretty chill kind of guy, and we like that. He has also become quite the smiler and giggler over the past 3-4 weeks and it is AWWWEESOME. I fully understand now the urge to just say yes to whatever they want as long as they keep smiling like that. At least for now I can. =) We’re still in that ‘impossible-to-spoil’ stage. I’m sure we’ll have all kinds of new fun when someone starts exerting his will around here. Or teething. Yikes. We’ll get there when we get there. For now we are good. Eat. Play. Sleep. Pee on mommy. Destroy diapers. Oovoo chat with Grandmas. Livin’ the life.

It’s so fun to watch him do new things. I never knew I would get this excited about a baby grabbing a toy bar. Seriously. Oh, and we got puppets! A monkey, a seal and a three headed dragon of course. I like toys. Toys are fun. =)

We’ve had more visitors, and played and gone on little adventures and had fun with babysitters. And every few weeks we use one of our allotted awake-happy-smiley-times to set up and play photo session. I am lucky at the moment in that he loves to look at the camera (most of the time). He also loves to look to the left, so that’s a fun challenge sometimes too. And as much as I love to get that straight on eye contact shot, it’s those in-between shots when he’s like ‘what is this thing on my head and why doesn’t it turn when i do’ that just make me smile even more. So many expressions. And like I said on the facebook last week. There are no bad pics of your kid in a bear hat. None. I’m keeping them all. Even when they’re “bad” they’re so good. For anyone interested, I got his little bear hat on etsy in Kids’ Knits by Knittinmama.

Have a happy day!


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  • Katy - True, true. The bear hat is genius, and the pictures–there are NO bad ones! Although what I want is the monkey picture as my desktop background 😀

  • Katie in MA - I still remember the first time my daughters smiled at me. I’m so glad you’re smart enough to enjoy every minute because even though there are new wonderful adventures to enjoy, nothing is quite as sweet as those first smiles. 🙂 Enjoy, mamacita!

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