When Cooler Days Prevailed | A Fort Worth Springtime Photo Session

As most of you know, we were blessed with a new baby boy this Spring. As some of you also know, I was “blessed” with a completely non-functioning computer at about this same time. All of that means that there were a couple of sessions (with the most patient clients in the world!) that took quite a bit longer to edit and deliver. Of course, I never was able to post and share them all for the world to see, until now!

This was the last session I did before the Dude was born. I think it was about 3 weeks before he showed up. I have to say I was still pretty limber at this point, which was good, cause we were all over the place =) I had so much fun with these two playing in this little garden. Big brother is so sweet and protective of his little sister, who is pretty darn fearless. Enjoy!

Makes it feel cooler just looking at these. =)

Happy August! More catch up posts to come!


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  • Katie in MA - OMG! There are flowers! And…the grass is GREEN!!! And some awfully cute kids, but you always make everyone look their best! 🙂

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