On the Side

Last year I was contacted by the wonderful smart awesome publisher at Inside Fort Worth Magazine and asked to do some shooting for them. Um, yes! What an awesome opportunity!! Well, the first issue I shot for was the November issue and I got to shoot the cover story!! A very nice gentleman named Neil Christopher was my subject. He’s the founder of Kyrie, “Church for the wicked and thirsty”. It was a fun shoot at Mambo’s downtown and Neil was a wonderful subject!

I was extra thrilled when the issue came out and even more so when Rebecca asked me to continue shooting for them! Much jumping around and happy squeals. It’s the COVER people. Cooooover. Plus, I am getting to meet some very awesome people here in Fort Worth and show them to the rest of you.

I love telling stories.

For December, I got to photograph Tim Love at his new place The Woodshed – which I’m personally very excited to try because it’s set up like a Biergarten and we all know how much I loved those in Germany. Oh yeah, and did I mention I got to meet Tim Love? =) He was friendly and went along with all my ‘let’s try this’ requests and was a lot of fun. =)  Check it out!

And yes, I shot the January cover story that is out right now! You can get them all over Fort Worth at places like Baker St. Pub, Best Buy…and more. I hope you all enjoy the photos. Let me know what you think!

P.S. The other thing I love about this magazine is the food suggestions. We found out about this wonderful place called Greenwood’s on Bluebonnet Circle that serves REAL German food. Yummy yummy yummy. It was our most recent date night location. I can’t wait to go back. =)

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