I really do talk with my hands a lot.

I don’t exactly know how to introduce this. It’s me. In a video.

Karyn 4.11.12 On the Blog from Karyn Kelbaugh on Vimeo.

Cue the self-deprecating humor….

…I really can just keep talking. Five minutes? Really?

…I am the tangent Queen.

…I look like I’m trying to flag someone down with those hands. I’m like a hummingbird or something.

…At least I managed to look at the actual camera most of the time, and the, um, um, ums weren’t THAT bad.

…I will try to get the volume thing fixed. Quiet is great for the screams, bad for the normal talk.


So, got any questions?


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  • Catie Ronquillo Wood - Your shirt matches your brand! 🙂

  • Karyn - That wasn’t on purpose! It’s just my favorite color! 🙂

  • Karyn Kelbaugh - It wasn’t on purpose! It’s just my favorite color! =)

  • Michelle Balleck - You’re too cute! Haha! I think it might be neat to give some easy hints for using flash well (without those darn harsh shadows) for at-home use. Just a thought for an interesting instructional video. 🙂

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