Make Make Make and Try New Things

Last year I was properly introduced to the art of watercolors. It was brief, but I met a REAL instructor who painted REAL, GOOD paintings with watercolors, and learned a few things to get me started. Ever since that encounter I have been in love. I would just sit and paint all day if I could, but you can bet that we have “painting time” around here and I set the Dude up with his own paint set up and I have “mommy’s paints” set up and we make stuff together. Occasionally when the to do list is just too horrific to bare, I will shut it all out and paint at night too.

I have also developed a love for gouche paints and especially scripting which I could just do for hours and hours. It’s so much fun. I go through ALL THE PAPER. But seriously so much fun.

In the pursuit of improvement and learning any new art form, practice is the key. For me, so is a little bit of accountability. So I’m going to start posting some of my painting/sketches/whatevers on here. Some of my work that I’m really in love with I’ve started to sell a bit but for now, I just need to keep making things.

I made this one last week during our “painting time”. I’m fairly certain no one’s going to steal it and sell it for $90,000. 😉


Maybe I’ll post his too 😉 OOooh or I’ll make you guess. hehe. That could be fun. Traumatic for me, but fun.

Have fun making stuff!



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  • Bev - I love that you enjoyed our class so much and have continued to paint. My efforts are waiting until after June 30. I would love to take some more classes from Sharon. sounds like another beach trip to Destin!

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