About me: The Long Version

(Props to Not That You Asked for the idea for this page)

1. My name is Karyn
2. I like my name. I like the way it is spelled. It makes me slightly more special than the people who spell it with an ‘e’ (imho).
3. There are absolutely no key chains, knick-knacks, license plate souvenirs or any other type of thing that you find on vacation with EVERYONE’s name on it that have my name on them. None. I’ve spent 29 30 32 years looking. They just aren’t there. UPDATE!: Photo evidence that such a thing does exist. Thank you Jason!!!
4. I’ve made peace with that, and now I’m glad. UPDATE: Yipee!!!!
5. I have a custom-made wood sign with my name on it spelled correctly from the Ohio State Fair.
6. I have a blue mirror/wood keychain that was carved into the shape of my name (spelled correctly) from King’s Island.
7. A telemarketer once called and asked for Kathryn. When I told her what my name was, she thought someone had just spelled it wrong. I did not buy what she was selling.
8. My married name is about the same complexity/rareness level as my maiden name. Both are telemarketer stumpers.
9. I grew up on a farm.
10. I think everyone should grow up on a farm. My opinion, my website.
11. We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary in November 2012.
12. I did remember to update this page!
13. No one emailed me to update this page.
14. My husband proposed to me one week after I moved to Texas.
15. My wedding day was one of the best days of my life.
16. The Buckeyes won that day.
17. I did not schedule our wedding during a home game.
18. I’m not that mean.
19. The game was over well before the ceremony.
20. We entered the reception to Le Reg.
21. That would have been awkward if we’d lost.
22. The only song played twice at our wedding reception – Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy (by request)
23. There were no black eyes obtained during any festivities directly related to our wedding. 😉
24. All of my friends remembered the reception.
25. We went on our honeymoon 1 year and 11 months after our wedding.
26. It was worth the wait.
27. We both skipped a week of grad school to get married.
28. I love commercials.
29. When I was a kid my grandma used to tease me because I would ignore the tv shows and stop to watch the commercials.
30. When I am watching tv or reading a good book, I tune everything out. You literally have to get in front of me and make me see you. Ask anyone I’ve ever lived with.
31. I love to read.
32. When I read something funny, I have to read it to someone else so they can laugh too. It’s a compulsion.
33. I cry when I get really angry.
34. I don’t cry from physical pain.
35. I cry when I feel joy.
36. I have an ugly cry face. (Say nothing about my face when I am not crying.)
37. I threaten physical violence often, but never mean it.
38. I mean it when I’m yelling at my cat.
39. I have a cat that thinks he is all animals but a cat.
40. I have a wuss for a cat.
41. I like decorating and changing things around in the house.
42. I am a messy person.
43. I like to clean, but not to tidy up.
44. I like to vacuum, just not our carpet. It’s berber. You can’t tell where you’ve been, and that’s no fun. There’s no sense of accomplishment.
45. I can eat an entire jar of nutella in one sitting.
46. I can eat lots of things in one sitting.
47. I love pineapple, lima beans, liver, tuna, and cottage cheese. But not mixed together.
48. I cannot stand fruit or anything else embedded in my jello.
49. I like hot liquid jello.
50. I like french fries dipped in Frosty’s
51. I quote movies.
52. My husband makes fun of me and says I like every movie. I have a list of three movies that I repeatedly use as examples of movies that I hated.
53. I always use the same three.
54. I live several states away from my parents and in-laws and most of my friends.
55. That may not always be true.
56. I was born in a hospital that was later used as a mental institution.
57. I was not adopted.
58. I hate bugs. I realize God created them for some purpose, but in my opinion they have the whole world to live in, why do they keep trying to get into my house.
59. I don’t understand AT ALL why God created 2 1/2 inch cockroaches. I just don’t get it.
60. I checked out of a MOTEL at 2am because there were 2 1/2 inch cockroaches crawling up the walls. (read story)
61. I found a tarantula in our garage and screamed. Our neighbor melted it with spray chemicals.
62. I like to fly.
63. I like swimming and being on the water.
64. I take motion sickness pills on a regular basis.
65. When I was young, a friend’s dad was taking me to meet up with my parents and I made him drop me off at a fast food restaurant to wait for them because his driving was making me sick.
66. I don’t ride roller coasters. I hold everyone’s stuff on the ground. I still have fun.
67. I have one brother and one sister. My sister is organized, my brother is wise. I’m extraverted.
68. I talk a lot. Frequently. I am aware of this. That doesn’t really help.
69. I have astigmatism. Go look it up.
70. I love my alma mater. Yes the THE is important.
71. Yes, we do have TBDBITL
72. I loved college.
73. I met some of my best friends there.
74. I had the best roommate ever. She has THREE!!! babies now!
75. I can get along with pretty much anyone, no matter how different.
76. I’m an optimist
77. I’m a people pleaser – working on changing that.
78. I have known my husband for over 10 years. Whoa.
79. We would’ve hated each other in high school.
80. Our children are going to look like the ones from ‘Village of the Damned‘.
81. I’m allergic to Texas.
82. I was on the swim team in high school.
83. Basically I took swimming lessons when I was 7, so that qualified me for the team and they needed girls. Almost everyone lettered. We were not that good.
84. I was not that good.
85. I was in every musical extracurricular activity in high school except for Men’s Choir.
86. I was in 3 musicals. I played a nun in the Sound of Music, a blonde Jewish Russian girl in Fiddler, and a Hot Box dancer in Guys and Dolls. I really wanted to be Adelaide – I thought I could do the accent better, but the other girl fit into the all the dresses. Go figure.
87. I did the lighting for all the plays.
88. I absolutely refused to participate in student government.
89. I had three different majors in college. Visual Communication Design (huh?), Theater (design) and Social Work.
90. I had a theater teacher named Carney. Not kidding.
91. I work as an independent contractor & a photographer. Left brain: right brain.
92. My brother and sister and I all wanted to be Tornado chasers when we grew up. Our whole family has a major fascination with weather.
93. I miss being able to see the stars at night.
94. I learned to cook from my grandmother.
95. I like to think I’m pretty good.
96. I apparently laugh like my mom
97. I can do a pretty good impression of her
98. I don’t know if that’s a good thing
99. I NEVER talk on the phone while driving;)
100. I like talking on the phone, I just hate calling. I think my parents scared us all as children with the FEAR OF LONG DISTANCE speeches.
101. When I was a freshman in college, more than once I offered to pay for the pizza as long as someone else would call in the order.
102. I apparently look like someone that everyone went to school with OR taught, in 5th grade.
103. I learned how to type fast because of AIM.
104. I spend too much time on my computer.
105. Most importantly, if I am playing poker with you and I stop talking…I have a very good hand.

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  • Gwen - Oh my! I LOVE reading your blog! You make me laugh…do you realize I have known you since you were 6?! You have definitely always been creative and crazy (in a good way!). I remember when your parents let you paint your room the way you wanted….ummm….as I recall there was a checkered multi-colored paint pattern that you had chosen. Your very organized older sister and her very organized friend were stunned by your choice (hehe). You have definitely found your calling with your artsy, fun and introspective work and writing. KEEP UP THE AWESOME STUFF YOU DO! Your Ohio family and friends are proud, for sure! GO BUCKS! 😉

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