Last year I was properly introduced to the art of watercolors. It was brief, but I met a REAL instructor who painted REAL, GOOD paintings with watercolors, and learned a few things to get me started. Ever since that encounter I have been in love. I would just sit and paint all day if I could, but you can bet that we have “painting time” around here and I set the Dude up with his own paint set up and I have “mommy’s paints” set up and we make stuff together. Occasionally when the to do list is just too horrific to bare, I will shut it all out and paint at night too.

I have also developed a love for gouche paints and especially scripting which I could just do for hours and hours. It’s so much fun. I go through ALL THE PAPER. But seriously so much fun.

In the pursuit of improvement and learning any new art form, practice is the key. For me, so is a little bit of accountability. So I’m going to start posting some of my painting/sketches/whatevers on here. Some of my work that I’m really in love with I’ve started to sell a bit but for now, I just need to keep making things.

I made this one last week during our “painting time”. I’m fairly certain no one’s going to steal it and sell it for $90,000. 😉


Maybe I’ll post his too 😉 OOooh or I’ll make you guess. hehe. That could be fun. Traumatic for me, but fun.

Have fun making stuff!



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  • Bev - I love that you enjoyed our class so much and have continued to paint. My efforts are waiting until after June 30. I would love to take some more classes from Sharon. sounds like another beach trip to Destin!

A year or two ago at a mom’s bible study I go to (they have child care!) the leader read a story that had a part that said our lives with children were shaped like a big tree. At the beginning, before kids, our options are wide, like the roots, and we can fit a lot into our lives. As we have little ones, we get into that tight narrow part where the tree is at it’s smallest. Not much fits in there except what HAS to. Then, as they get older, our lives open up again and spread out wide. I always thought that was the perfect visualization. I can certainly tell you that we are at the SMALL part of that tree. But knowing it will open up again is comforting. And once I can shed some of this excess stuff/busyness/whateveryoucallit, I’m sure I will enjoy our narrow tree living a little more.

It’s just difficult to fit the business stuff in that SMALL tree part too. Things have to be set aside for a time, until I can pick them up again. I’m still shooting when I can, but I’m working on focusing my work and keeping it small and meaningful so that the stuff I bring into the narrow part is making our lives better, not just busier. But, it’s 1am and the baby is calling. Night all. =)

My tree is pretttyy cute.

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Don’t even get me started. I can’t even. He’s 4. FOUR! Like, years.

I did remember to do his 4 yr old interview. Yay, me. Apparently his favorite animal is still a Zebra. Everything else is different. Oh yeah, and at some point I’ll share his little brother with you. If this guy is the Dude, I’m not sure what his brother is. I’ll have to think on that one. Anywho, just had to share my handsome guy. Prayers for all you mamas out there. I know you won’t listen to me, but sleep when you can.

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  • Grandma F. - You look so grown-up Evan! Love you….. See you Saturday!

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You guessed it. This place was way overdue for a functional and prettification makeover. I did love the old look and everything (thank you Jason), but it was just time to start fresh and honestly, working on it has helped me get back into the swing of this writing and actually using my website thing. I don’t just want a place where I dump information, and that is only about photography. I want it to be able to easily grow and showcase new projects and all of my random tangents. Cause there are a lot of those. And yes, there were ABSOLUTELY ZERO posts in 2014, and very few in 2013 for that matter. Did I mention that I’ve been busy? I know we are all busy being busy. I just chose to do my busy somewhere other than my blog for awhile.

The site is still a work in progress, galleries to update, links to fix, etc etc. Lookbooks to finish…. =)

Oh, and the MOST EXCITING PART!! I almost forgot to tell you!!!

I will be integrating client galleries and ordering INTO MY SITE, so no more dealing with that OTHER site which has been giving me and my wonderful patient clients some trouble over the last year. It’s going to be stellar.

As always, feedback is welcome – especially if you notice a weird link that takes you somewhere you didn’t expect to go.

Thanks for your patience and happy Saturday!



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