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Clarity and Priorities

There’s nothing like a real honest break to show you what a hectic mess you have become. And here I am right back into it.View full post »

A Status Update | Mom’s Portrait Tool Box

Things have been hopping around here and I’m happy to say I’ve been staying quite busy shooting adorable newborns and kiddosView full post »

This one’s for you Sarah.

Ms. Sarah Jenks over at challenged me this week to make a video and post it – wearing my new black dress that’sView full post »

I really do talk with my hands a lot.

I don’t exactly know how to introduce this. It’s me. In a video. Karyn 4.11.12 On the Blog from Karyn Kelbaugh on Vimeo. CueView full post »

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge. Setting Boundaries and Making Videos.

Thank you Catie! My friend Catie – a wonderful wedding photographer based in Dallas has been rocking the daily videos on her vimeo,View full post »

The Downside of Taking A Break

Mondays. I had forgotten what Mondays feel like. I’m not even joking. That’s how long it’s been since I really took a dayView full post »

As I Go: Feedback is a Beautiful Thing

I don’t mean that silly noise on stage music feedback. I mean idea feedback. I put out ideas or services or products, or sillyView full post »

Life in February

So. Its been kind of busy around here. So much that my posts have been stretched pretty thin lately. I’ve got more photo postsView full post »

Yipeee!!! The site is up!

Can you tell I’m excited about my new site! There are lots of good things coming. Here and on the facebookView full post »

What’s Going On Around Here

Remember that post where I talked about focus, and how I was going to discard the unnecessary and focus on getting the important thingsView full post »


That is my word for 2011. Focus. To direct toward a particular point or purpose. To adjust one’s vision so as to render a clear,View full post »

My New Dream Album is Here!!!

Finally, after much waiting and waiting and checking and re-checking my email and that UPS tracking code a million times, it came. My newView full post »