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The Narrow Part of the Tree

A year or two ago at a mom’s bible study I go to (they have child care!) the leader read a story that had a part that said our livesView full post »


Don’t even get me started. I can’t even. He’s 4. FOUR! Like, years. I did remember to do his 4 yr old interview. Yay,View full post »

The World Keeps Spinning

Lots to say and no time to say it. So here’s my little dude to keep you company.View full post »

That face.

You can see it on his face. ‘Seriously mom, again?’ Yes, again. Forever and ever. He still likes the camera, but there areView full post »

Blogging in 2013

I clearly don’t write out my thoughts enough. Let’s just pretend that I didn’t let my blog sit here idle for most of theView full post »

Thankful for No Thanksgiving…in Mexico that is

Why? Because since it’s not a national holiday there, it’s a lot easier to see a doctor when your toddler has an ear infection.View full post »

The (ahem) Weekly

So I took a few weeks “off” from posting. Soon, you will see why and be bombarded with awesome and cute and sweet. But forView full post »

The Weekly

Our weekly dose of life. (Sorry I skipped a week. LIFE got hectic.) We went to a pumpkin farm. =) And we did glow in the dark tubbyView full post »

The Weekly

Our weekly dose of life. Like a weed this one. =) Take care friends!View full post »

Clarity and Priorities

There’s nothing like a real honest break to show you what a hectic mess you have become. And here I am right back into it.View full post »

The Weekly

Vacation rocks. That is all. Our weekly dose of life was super awesome and relaxing last week. =)View full post »

The Weekly | Flashback

A dose of daily life – from one year ago. Just for fun. =) =) Take Care!View full post »