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Brand Spa**ing New

You guessed it. This place was way overdue for a functional and prettification makeover. I did love the old look and everything (thank youView full post »

A Status Update | Mom’s Portrait Tool Box

Things have been hopping around here and I’m happy to say I’ve been staying quite busy shooting adorable newborns and kiddosView full post »

These are the BabyDays of our lives

When we were waiting on our little Dude to arrive last year, the picture planning began in my head. How would I manage, organize, share andView full post »

As I Go: Feedback is a Beautiful Thing

I don’t mean that silly noise on stage music feedback. I mean idea feedback. I put out ideas or services or products, or sillyView full post »

Sharing the Love Starts Now | Would you like a session for half the price?

Obligatory Dude photo. He loves reading with Daddy. =) I’m so excited to be starting my new Share the Love program. If youView full post »

It’s Getting Cute In Here

Finally, some pictures ready to post that AREN’T of me and my pregnant self! It’s by no means finished, but I thought I’dView full post »

What’s Going On Around Here

Remember that post where I talked about focus, and how I was going to discard the unnecessary and focus on getting the important thingsView full post »

In place of me…

We skipped our week 18 preggo pic, so I have no picture for you this week. You’ll have to wait until next week to see my everView full post »

It’s Photo Booth Time! Embrace the Silly.

I tried something new.  Not new to photography, just new to me.  We set up a photo booth at the wedding I just photographed.  No actualView full post »

Painting Palooza, or why I haven’t posted in well over a week…

5 brushes (washed repeatedly) 7 roller covers 6 paint pan liners 2 paint pans 8 gallons of paint 1 set of scaffolding 1 ladder 1 stepView full post »

My New Dream Album is Here!!!

Finally, after much waiting and waiting and checking and re-checking my email and that UPS tracking code a million times, it came. My newView full post »

New Windows, Pie & Other Projects

Just thought I’d put up a little slide show from last weekend.  John’s birthday pie, getting our new windows and some otherView full post »