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The Weekly

My weekly dose of life. Something besides presents for Daddy came with the mail from Grandma K last week. Raise your hand if you had thisView full post »

The Weekly

My weekly dose of life. His first fort. =)   You didn’t really expect me to be able to post just one, did you? =)View full post »

The Weekly

Once again I’m going to try and keep up with the personal pictures. They can get pushed aside (not with the iphone of course) whenView full post »

This one’s for you Sarah.

Ms. Sarah Jenks over at challenged me this week to make a video and post it – wearing my new black dress that’sView full post »

I really do talk with my hands a lot.

I don’t exactly know how to introduce this. It’s me. In a video. Karyn 4.11.12 On the Blog from Karyn Kelbaugh on Vimeo. CueView full post »

Life in February

So. Its been kind of busy around here. So much that my posts have been stretched pretty thin lately. I’ve got more photo postsView full post »

On the Side

Last year I was contacted by the wonderful smart awesome publisher at Inside Fort Worth Magazine and asked to do some shooting for them.View full post »

the Christmas card | 2011

John and I had two ideas for the front…so we used them both. Here is version 1. Isn’t he just awesome. =) [version 2]View full post »

The Dude And I | December

Ok, so the ‘weekly’ Dude and I photos haven’t been so weekly. I’m still taking them, there are just aView full post »

Just a Glimpse

It’s our first Christmas with the Dude and I’m beyond excited to send out our Christmas cards. I just finished designing themView full post »

The Dude & I

There I am. Looking through the past few months at the hundreds thousands of images of our precious little one. So adorable. There he isView full post »

I Heart Faces Challenge | People’s Choice

The challenge was “your very favorite face photo from this summer”. Was there ever any doubt who would be the face I chose? 😉View full post »