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Baby Time | Miss Brynne is 6 months old

Ok, when these photos were taken, she was 6 months old. I may be (ahem) a bit behind with my blog posting. On the bright side…thereView full post »

Baby Time | Miss Lola is 6 Months Old!!

Time is flying!!! I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since I took this little girl’s pictures when she was brandView full post »

Baby Time | The Rodriguez Family

You couldn’t ask for a sweeter, more fun family. We played outside, then I got to see the Sah-WEET playroom, with the giant wall mapView full post »

Newborn Time: Little Miss Brynna

She was only about a week old and such a sweet little angel! She has a super sweet big sister to love on her too. I had so much fun withView full post »

Family Time | And Then There Were Five

You’ve seen this crew before, but it’s certainly been awhile. They have a whole new person in their family! And she’s aView full post »

Kid Time | Party Rockers In the House

I’m slowly working my way through posting all my Ohio session photos. These adorable partiers just happen to belong to my cousinView full post »

A Speedy Show: What A Photo Session Is Really Like

As I’ve been playing around more with videos lately, I keep coming up with crazy ideas. I love stop motion video… like thisView full post »

The One Where I Take Pictures of the Engaged People | Debra and Mike

I don’t even know where to begin. My AWESOME, and I do actually mean awesome, sister-in-law Debra is getting married this fall toView full post »

Family Time | Young Friends

I say ‘young friends’ because my friends and I certainly aren’t old…so what do you call friends you’ve knownView full post »

Sharing the Love | The Gramkow Family

Hey, do you remember waaay back in December when I did the Share the Love giveaway and you all nominated a bunch of awesome families andView full post »

Baby Time | Meet the Ryan Twins

OMG! OMG! OMG! I cannot express to you properly in words how simply adorable and sweet these two little sisters are. So of course I willView full post »

Newborn Sweetness | Meet Gabe | And More Display Examples!

I got to meet this brand new sweet little man recently and I thought I’d show some of his photos AND give you a couple wallView full post »