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#ilovethewayyou write out your name on any piece of paper you find. Grocery lists, envelopes, notes. And you write your brothers name too.View full post »

So That Running Thing

I’m trying to run again. No, I’m running again. I’m on week two of an iPhone app Couch to 5k program – which isView full post »

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge. Setting Boundaries and Making Videos.

Thank you Catie! My friend Catie – a wonderful wedding photographer based in Dallas has been rocking the daily videos on her vimeo,View full post »

Baby Guessing Game: Because I Feel Like It – When Do YOU Think He’ll Show Up?

There is a lot of waiting going on around here. A lot of ‘I wonder if he’ll arrive today, tomorrow, next week’. YouView full post »

It’s Getting Cute In Here

Finally, some pictures ready to post that AREN’T of me and my pregnant self! It’s by no means finished, but I thought I’dView full post »

My Carpenter

Did I mention lately that I have a wonderful husband? If not, then, I have a wonderful husband.  He can build stuff. He built me a newView full post »

Our light afflictions

My friend Jenny over at Diapers and Dog Fur posted today about being pregnant and achy and then remembering how easy we have it comparedView full post »


That is my word for 2011. Focus. To direct toward a particular point or purpose. To adjust one’s vision so as to render a clear,View full post »

Happy Thanksgiving or ‘what do you expect a pregnant woman to do with fried chicken’

So, we started taking the obligatory weekly pregnancy pics a couple weeks ago (this is last week’s pic).  I feel like I should doView full post »

It’s Photo Booth Time! Embrace the Silly.

I tried something new.  Not new to photography, just new to me.  We set up a photo booth at the wedding I just photographed.  No actualView full post »

Some very mundane details

I know, I know, it’s been MORE than 2 weeks since I posted.   Did I mention that October has basically slapped me in the face withView full post »

What’s the first song you learned to play on the piano? Do you still play?

Being home, playing on the piano with my nieces and nephews…and sister, renews my need for a piano of some sort in this house.  Now,View full post »