Welcome to “Crafted” — one of over a dozen free, included starter designs bundled with ProPhoto. Included starter designs are saved groups of customizations you can use to help you jump start the process of you making your ProPhoto site your very own. If you purchase ProPhoto you get this design included for free, along with all of the other designs shown here. Like all ProPhoto designs, every single aspect of it is totally customizeable: logo, background, colors, fonts, layout, and more. The rest of the posts and pages on this demo site will show you some of the features and capabilities of ProPhoto and the design elements of this particular starter design.

Make Make Make and Try New Things

Last year I was properly introduced to the art of watercolors. It was brief, but I met a REAL instructor who paintedView full post »

The Narrow Part of the Tree

A year or two ago at a mom’s bible study I go to (they have child care!) the leader read a story that had a partView full post »


#ilovethewayyou write out your name on any piece of paper you find. Grocery lists, envelopes, notes. And you write yourView full post »


Don’t even get me started. I can’t even. He’s 4. FOUR! Like, years. I did remember to do his 4 yrView full post »

Brand Spa**ing New

You guessed it. This place was way overdue for a functional and prettification makeover. I did love the old look andView full post »

The World Keeps Spinning

Lots to say and no time to say it. So here’s my little dude to keep you company.View full post »

That face.

You can see it on his face. ‘Seriously mom, again?’ Yes, again. Forever and ever. He still likes theView full post »

Blogging in 2013

I clearly don’t write out my thoughts enough. Let’s just pretend that I didn’t let my blog sit hereView full post »

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