Baby Photography

From the moment they open their eyes and take in their first glimpse of the world, babies have personalities of their own. Karyn Kelbaugh takes professional baby photography, and captures that brand new personality.

Baby photography is sweet, sometimes funny, and always unique. Karyn loves every bit of it. From the wise-old-man look babies can give you, to the gentleness in a father’s hands as he cradles his daughter, to the hug a big sister gives her new brother, each of these moments is a memory worth capturing.

Professional Infant Photographer | The wonder of it all

You can see the wonder babies feel at everything around them, the colors and shapes, the sounds, the feel of grass or the very first taste of mango puree. First steps, first teeth, first haircuts, first birthdays. These are all milestones to keep forever. Karyn would love to help you record these fleeting, joyful days.

Besides, your baby is pretty much the best, cutest baby ever, right? So cute that you need great photographs and portraits to show off to – uh, give to family and friends, of course! If you want baby portraits that showcase your child’s unique personality, every smile and yawn and crinkle nosed laugh, Karyn is the infant portrait photographer you’ve been waiting for.

Maternity Photography | Waiting to say hello

Some of the best baby portraits are the ones involving parents and siblings – the most important things in a baby’s life. Maternity photography and family portraits are two facets of baby photography: waiting to say hello, and getting to learn who this new little soul is.

Babies are attention magnets, and you can hardly blame them! They’re irresistible. Noisy, loving, messy, sweet, there’s something wonderfully fresh and vibrant about babies. Let Karyn help you capture fond memories of your family with fun, relaxed portraits.

Professional Baby Photography | Honest, Silly, Beautiful, Sweet

What sets Karyn apart from your average baby photographer and baby photography studio?

A lot, it turns out. Babies and kids are notorious for their attention spans (that is, they don’t have any). She lets your kids be your kids. Babies don’t smile on cue or hold poses – and they shouldn’t! Naps and tears and toy-distraction and bottles are a part of your baby’s life, which is more beautiful than any pose and painted backdrop could be.

Karyn knows that a baby is already good at being loveable and precious. She just captures what’s already there, and brings out the true beauty of each moment and each snapshot.

Portrait Sessions | All the options

Karyn Kelbaugh offers two photography packages. One is the full digital care package, which includes custom edited images, an online viewing gallery, a digital photo album, a backup of the files, a box of 5×7 prints for immediate bragging, and 50% off additional products.

The other is the aptly named 1 Kid, 30 Minutes, All the Files package. You guessed it – you get a 30 minute session with one kid or baby, and a disc of all the files (at least 20 high res images) for sharing and printing. You can also add a la carte items like the digital photo album pdf.

Give your family a little love with a professional photography session. You’ll get memories that last forever, and beautiful images to share.

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