Children Photography

Karyn Kelbaugh specializes in children portrait photography.  With care, attention, a love of fun, and a keen eye for composing great images, Karyn’s photographs capture your kids having a ball.  Each photograph she takes is as unique as the kid in it.

Children Portrait Photography | Have a blast

Kids are always themselves.  They’re naturally good at it.  You can see their personalities in every smile and hear it in their loud, unabashed laughs.  One of Karyn’s favorite things about being a family portrait photographer is getting to capture kids’ unique personalities.

Children’s photography is such a blast because kids really know how to have fun during a photography session.  They’re not worried about getting shot from their good side or how white their teeth are or not looking ridiculous – the best photos are all about ridiculous.  Karyn goes where your kids are the most themselves, whether that’s running around a park or playing a board game in your living room or having a water balloon fight.

With a natural gift for drawing out people’s personalities in her photos, Karyn loves to capture laughter and all the little expressions and gestures that make your kids so unique.

Creative Photography | Think outside the studio

While studio portraits are admittedly nice looking, they’re also oftentimes stiff, forced, and not at all a realistic representation of the happy, energetic kids you know and love.  Karyn is a student of a different kind of children’s portrait photography.

Instead of poses and cued smiles, Karyn goes for the natural approach.  She believes your photographs should be memories preserved.  And what’s worth remembering more: a trip to a studio and your kids trying to sit still, or a family picnic and your kids having the time of their lives?

Outdoor Portrait Photography | Living it up in the great outdoors

Karyn shoots sessions pretty much anywhere, but there’s something great about shooting outside in the open air.  There’s all that room to run around, the sunshine to absorb, the grass to run barefoot in.  The outdoors, as any kid can tell you, are basically a giant playground.  You don’t get the same relaxation and exuberance inside a studio.

And, more than anything, Karyn loves photographing families that are willing to go on an adventure together.  Want to stage a water balloon fight?  Awesome.  Want to take a hike through some fields?  Perfect.  Friends, siblings, birthdays, just-because days – no matter the subjects or the occasions, Karyn works hard to make sure that, when you look through your pictures, you see your kids being themselves, radiant and full of life.

Portrait Sessions | All the options

Choose from two photography packages.  The Digital Care Package includes an online viewing gallery, custom edited images, a complete digital backup of your image files, a digital photo album pdf file (for sharing on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or gadget of choice), a box of 5×7 prints for immediate bragging rights, and 50% off any additional products your heart desires.

The 1 Kid, 30 Minutes, All the Files package includes – surprise, surprise – a 30 minute children’s photography session featuring one kid (it’s great for a birthday party), and a high resolution disc of all the files (at least 20 images) for printing and sharing.  If you want more products, like the digital album or prints, you can add them a la carte.

You don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself to some great custom photography! Every day is worth remembering, and just wanting to capture moments with the ones you love is reason enough.

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