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Wife, Mom, Photographer, Geek. Karyn Kelbaugh is a professional family portrait photographer in Fort Worth, TX. She specializes in children’s portraits, baby photography, and outdoor family photography. She firmly believes that you’re at your most beautiful when you’re being yourself, and that eating a bowl of chocolate frosting is never a bad idea.

Almost always seen with a camera in her hands, Karyn has always had a fascination with photography. Not the artsy, social commentary type of photography – but the kind that shows real people and real relationships. The kind that tells loving stories.

Outdoor Family Photography | Thinking outside the box

With a love of adventure and happy chaos, Karyn would love nothing more than doing a photography session for a family that wants to have a foodfight.

Wherever a family laughs and has fun together, that’s where she wants to capture great images. The world can be a giant playground where you fall down, make a mess, and laugh until you cry. Karyn wants to help you record that joy, turning moments into memories to keep forever.

Creative, Fun Kid’s Portraits | The art of self-expression

Kids are so good at expressing themselves that they don’t even know the term “self-expression.” They know how to cut loose and be silly and sincere. Karyn loves children’s photography because she gets to capture that honesty and exuberance for you, right on camera. Laughing, crying, teasing, or loving, when you look at your photos, you’ll see your kids’ true, beautiful personalities.

Baby Photography | Keeping the perfect moment

As a mom, Karyn gets babies and why exactly we go so bonkers for them. Just look at those tiny hands and that tiny nose! From yawns to giggles to tears to smiles, Karyn captures everything that makes babies so sweet. From the little old man look your son gives you, to the way she scrunches up her nose when she grins that toothless grin, these are fleeting moments worth remembering. Karyn loves baby photography, because it lets her freeze those moments for you, so you can keep them forever.

Share the Love | How you can make a difference

With a degree in social work, Karyn pondered how to turn her professional family photography skills into something that helped people out. And then, the lightbulb turned on. Karyn is devoted to giving back to the community through her Share the Love program. Here’s how it works.

When you get a family photography session, Karyn gives a free session to a family in need. It’s that simple. You don’t have to do a thing, or pay a cent more. But when you’re looking at the beautiful portraits of your family and loved ones, you get to know that another family gets the gift of their own family portraits.

Karyn likes to think that, no matter what heartache or challenges the future will throw her way, that mom will have those joyful family portraits to bring her comfort and hope.

Making a difference is easy. You’ve got the power.

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