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Every family is unique and wonderful in its own way.  In all the history of the world, there has never been a family quite like yours.  Karyn Kelbaugh, a professional family photographer in Fort Worth, looks forward to the challenge of capturing that uniqueness on film – or rather, on memory card (this is the twenty-first century, after all!).

Unique Family Photography | Get down with your rad self

Karyn is always up for an adventure.  If your family wants to take the photography session on the road to a park, or have a food fight, or anything else you can imagine, Karyn is all for it.  Families are meant to have fun together.  It’s when your personalities really shine.  The more laughter, the better.

Just follow your kids’ examples.  They know how to be themselves, 100% of the time.  Don’t worry too much about sucking that tummy in, or if you’re being shot from your good side.  When you’re happy, immersed in your family, every side is your good side.

Because, when all’s said and done, the difference between looking nice and looking beautiful is how much of the real you can be seen.  Family portrait studios may capture you with your hair combed and your kids with matching sweaters, but Karyn is dedicated to showcasing your family’s true beauty.

Outdoor Family Portraits | Ditch the studio

Forget painted backdrops.  The best backdrop to make your family shine is the great outdoors.  Sitting inside a stuffy studio brings out the stuffy in you.  Relax and let the sunshine in!  Run around, play tag, feel the sun on your faces.  All that love is too big to fit inside a studio.

Have a picnic, or go on a nature hike.  Have a squirt gun battle or make a mess in the kitchen baking a cake together.  Whatever your family loves doing best, Karyn wants to be there, capturing the fun and love.  After all, these photos will be memories of your family, things too precious to forget.

So go on an adventure with your family.  Karyn’s thoughtful, artistic instincts and sense of humor will help record the memories for you.  Get family portraits with style.  As a family photographer, Karyn works hard to make sure that, when you look through your photos, you see your family, bathed in sunlight, laughter, and love.

Family Portraits Photography Sessions | Take your pick

Karyn offers a great photography session package for families.  The Digital Care Package has all the basics and some of the really great trimmings.  You get your photography session (anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on locations), a password protected online viewing gallery, a high resolution disc of image files, a complete digital backup of your files, a digital photo album, a box of 5×7 prints, and 50% off any other a la carte products you might want to add on.

Holidays, birthdays, new brothers or sisters – these are all wonderful events that call for great family portraits.  But it’s good to remember that you don’t need a fancy occasion to get great custom photography! Each moment is worth remembering, all those little things that make up a real family, and just wanting to capture those memories with the ones you love is reason enough.

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