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Here are the basics: Karyn Kelbaugh is a Fort Worth family photographer who specializes in family, infant, and children’s portrait photography.  But that doesn’t tell the whole story.  Want a family photographer with spirit, enthusiasm, and a sense of adventure?  You’ve come to the right place.

Karyn Kelbaugh Photography provides custom on-location family, kid, and baby photography. Her clients are her inspiration and she helps their personalities shine in photos. She loves digital files and they are the focus of what she gives her clients.  She also offers prints, canvases and custom designed albums.

Family Portraits in Fort Worth, TX | Have an adventure together!

Families are fun and messy and full of happy chaos.  Karyn loves capturing all the laughter and quirks (and one of her biggest dream as a family photographer is to shoot a food fight).

Dedicated to figuring out your family’s unique personality, Karyn is willing to hike all over the place if your family enjoys nature walks, or to cozy up in a kitchen while you and your kids make a mess baking cookies.  Whatever makes your family feel the most like a family, Karyn wants to be there, capturing the fun and love.

Go on an adventure with your family, and let Karyn help record the memories for you.  Silly, energetic, loving, fun – your photography session will be everything that your family is.

Children Portrait Photography | Let them shine

Kids are bursting at the seams with personality.  And the best part about it: it’s all totally effortless.  They’re not thinking about if their hair looks okay, or if their pants are wrinkled.

It’s what Karyn loves most about children’s portraits.  There is always laughter.  There is always fun.  Kids know how to have adventures, and it doesn’t take a lot of planning or foreign travel – they can find adventure in the backyard.  Siblings have their own language of teasing and love.  Hugs, twirls, sidewalk chalk drawings, games of tag – Karyn will capture each moment and every laugh.

So if you want photos of your kids – looking like and acting like and being themselves – you’ve found the right photographer.

Baby Photography | Sweet, silly, irresistible

Newborns, infants, toddlers … babies have a freshness, an unabashed wonder of the world.  Karyn loves infant photography.  Something about the little noses and the joy of the rest of the family.

Babies have personalities from the get go.  Everything is new to them, and they’re brand new little souls themselves.  When you look at them, you see the world like they see it, fascinating and colorful and maybe a little bit too big.  But that’s what moms are for – to snuggle with when things get too overwhelming.  Each yawn and smile and sparkle of those big eyes is something worth remembering.

From frowns to smiles, first teeth to first steps, Karyn loves every part of being an infant portrait photographer.

Share the Love | You’ve got the power to make a difference

Photography means a lot more than something pretty to hang on your wall.  When you look at your family portrait, browse through those pictures of your kids having a ball being themselves, you see everything you love about your family.

Your photography session is a happy memory, a good day to recreate when you’re happy – and to relive when times are rough.  It’s something to hold onto no matter what challenges or heartache life throws at you in the years to come.  That’s why Karyn gives away a family photography session to a family in need for every regular session purchased.

It’s easy to make a difference in someone’s life.  Get a session, give a session.  Share the love.

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