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Make Make Make and Try New Things

Last year I was properly introduced to the art of watercolors. It was brief, but I met a REAL instructor who paintedView full post »

The Narrow Part of the Tree

A year or two ago at a mom’s bible study I go to (they have child care!) the leader read a story that had a partView full post »


#ilovethewayyou write out your name on any piece of paper you find. Grocery lists, envelopes, notes. And you write yourView full post »


Don’t even get me started. I can’t even. He’s 4. FOUR! Like, years. I did remember to do his 4 yrView full post »

Brand Spa**ing New

You guessed it. This place was way overdue for a functional and prettification makeover. I did love the old look andView full post »

The World Keeps Spinning

Lots to say and no time to say it. So here’s my little dude to keep you company.View full post »

That face.

You can see it on his face. ‘Seriously mom, again?’ Yes, again. Forever and ever. He still likes theView full post »

Blogging in 2013

I clearly don’t write out my thoughts enough. Let’s just pretend that I didn’t let my blog sit hereView full post »

Baby Time | Miss Brynne is 6 months old

Ok, when these photos were taken, she was 6 months old. I may be (ahem) a bit behind with my blog posting. On theView full post »

Thankful for No Thanksgiving…in Mexico that is

Why? Because since it’s not a national holiday there, it’s a lot easier to see a doctor when your toddlerView full post »

The (ahem) Weekly

So I took a few weeks “off” from posting. Soon, you will see why and be bombarded with awesome and cuteView full post »

The Weekly

Our weekly dose of life. (Sorry I skipped a week. LIFE got hectic.) We went to a pumpkin farm. =) And we did glowView full post »

Baby Time | Miss Lola is 6 Months Old!!

Time is flying!!! I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months since I took this little girl’s picturesView full post »

The Weekly

Our weekly dose of life. Like a weed this one. =) Take care friends!View full post »

Clarity and Priorities

There’s nothing like a real honest break to show you what a hectic mess you have become. And here I am rightView full post »

The Weekly

Vacation rocks. That is all. Our weekly dose of life was super awesome and relaxing last week. =)View full post »

The Weekly | Flashback

A dose of daily life – from one year ago. Just for fun. =) =) Take Care!View full post »

The Weekly

Our weekly dose of life. Big boy, reading in his chair. Good times at the Color Me Rad run!! Photo credit: mr. jonView full post »

Baby Time | The Rodriguez Family

You couldn’t ask for a sweeter, more fun family. We played outside, then I got to see the Sah-WEET playroom, withView full post »

The Weekly

Our weekly dose of life, a touch late… Do we call this Toddler planking? I have no idea…. sillyView full post »

The Weekly

Our weekly dose of life. Feeling better this week. =) Take care and have a great week!  View full post »

The Weekly

Our weekly dose of life. Paying the price for our trip to the Children’s Museum – a bit under the weatherView full post »

The Weekly

My weekly dose of life. Last week we were getting a little stir crazy with all this 106 heat business, so I decided toView full post »

The Weekly

My weekly dose of life. Take care! =)View full post »

Newborn Time: Little Miss Brynna

She was only about a week old and such a sweet little angel! She has a super sweet big sister to love on her too. I hadView full post »

The Weekly

Just playing in the kitchen with Dad.View full post »

The Weekly

My weekly dose of life. Something besides presents for Daddy came with the mail from Grandma K last week. Raise yourView full post »

Happy Birthday Wonderful Husband!

As most people who bake will tell you, the more times you make a recipe, the better it gets – in most cases.View full post »

The Weekly

My weekly dose of life. His first fort. =)   You didn’t really expect me to be able to post just one, didView full post »

So That Running Thing

I’m trying to run again. No, I’m running again. I’m on week two of an iPhone app Couch to 5k programView full post »

The Weekly

Once again I’m going to try and keep up with the personal pictures. They can get pushed aside (not with theView full post »

Family Time | And Then There Were Five

You’ve seen this crew before, but it’s certainly been awhile. They have a whole new person in theirView full post »

Kid Time | Party Rockers In the House

I’m slowly working my way through posting all my Ohio session photos. These adorable partiers just happen toView full post »

A Speedy Show: What A Photo Session Is Really Like

As I’ve been playing around more with videos lately, I keep coming up with crazy ideas. I love stop motionView full post »

The One Where I Take Pictures of the Engaged People | Debra and Mike

I don’t even know where to begin. My AWESOME, and I do actually mean awesome, sister-in-law Debra is gettingView full post »

Family Time | Young Friends

I say ‘young friends’ because my friends and I certainly aren’t old…so what do you call friendsView full post »

Sharing the Love | The Gramkow Family

Hey, do you remember waaay back in December when I did the Share the Love giveaway and you all nominated a bunch ofView full post »

Where Did May Go

They’re just sitting there staring at me. All 606 images in my May Personal Photos file. Some of them have beenView full post »

We Went to Ohio and Now We Are Back

What an epic week. 2 flights. 1 delay. 6 days in Ohio. Two Three cities. Five portrait sessions. 1 high schoolView full post »

Baby Time | Meet the Ryan Twins

OMG! OMG! OMG! I cannot express to you properly in words how simply adorable and sweet these two little sisters are. SoView full post »

Newborn Sweetness | Meet Gabe | And More Display Examples!

I got to meet this brand new sweet little man recently and I thought I’d show some of his photos AND give you aView full post »

A Status Update | Mom’s Portrait Tool Box

Things have been hopping around here and I’m happy to say I’ve been staying quite busy shooting adorableView full post »

Newborn Sweetness | Meet Brynne

Meet the newest addition to THIS wonderful family! Little girl, you’ve got a super awesome big sister and someView full post »

His First Birthday

Just wanted to share a few of my favorites from the Dude’s first birthday. The very first thing we did on ourView full post »

This one’s for you Sarah.

Ms. Sarah Jenks over at challenged me this week to make a video and post it – wearing my new blackView full post »

Little Miss Autumn

Miss Autumn was a pure delight. What a sweetheart! I’ve know her mama for… well, most of the timeView full post »

Baby Time | Meet Noah

Those eyes! Aren’t they just the biggest most beautiful brown eyes you’ve ever seen!?! I think we found theView full post »

Newborn Sweetness | Miss Lola and Her Family

Meet Miss Lola. She is super special (of course she is), also because she’s my very first BabyDays baby! SoView full post »

These are the BabyDays of our lives

When we were waiting on our little Dude to arrive last year, the picture planning began in my head. How would I manage,View full post »

My Favorite App for New Moms

Ok, I’m not some fancy reviewer person. I’m just a mom who loves technology and researches things to death.View full post »

My Baby Is One!!!

A whole year ago today, THIS happened. I can’t believe how much you’ve changed this year. I mean, I canView full post »

Newborn Sweetness | Mister C

This little man was only 7 days old when I got the privilege of photographing him and his awesome parents. Every timeView full post »

I really do talk with my hands a lot.

I don’t exactly know how to introduce this. It’s me. In a video. Karyn 4.11.12 On the Blog from KarynView full post »

Wink, Wink, Nudge, Nudge. Setting Boundaries and Making Videos.

Thank you Catie! My friend Catie – a wonderful wedding photographer based in Dallas has been rocking the dailyView full post »

The Downside of Taking A Break

Mondays. I had forgotten what Mondays feel like. I’m not even joking. That’s how long it’s been sinceView full post »

A Day With No Work

Saturday was a glorious day. We did absolutely no work. Only fun. I highly recommend it. It was fantastic and wayView full post »

As I Go: Feedback is a Beautiful Thing

I don’t mean that silly noise on stage music feedback. I mean idea feedback. I put out ideas or services orView full post »

11 And Counting

Can you believe it has already been 11 months since THIS happened? Happy 11 months little man. You can’t live inView full post »

Happy Birthday to Me!

There’s nothing better than spending your birthday (week) with people you love!!! And Happy 42nd Anniversary toView full post »

Life in February

So. Its been kind of busy around here. So much that my posts have been stretched pretty thin lately. I’ve gotView full post »

Dallas Mini Session | MR. C

Just a few of my favorites from my mini session with Mr. C a few weeks ago. His mom wanted some photos of him at 11View full post »

I LOVE Mornings

Signing up for all those diaper point rewards things has its perks. I just got my free LOVE mug today. I just LOVEView full post »

On the Side

Last year I was contacted by the wonderful smart awesome publisher at Inside Fort Worth Magazine and asked to do someView full post »

babies + cats + an update

Ok, just one baby, and one cat. The Internet is for cat videos, and kittens – and adorable babies.  If a girlView full post »

Family Photo Session | Kristina + Billy + The Crew

I had a wonderful time with Billy and Kristina, as usual, taking some photos for their holiday cards. The crew wasView full post »

the Christmas card | 2011

John and I had two ideas for the front…so we used them both. Here is version 1. Isn’t he just awesome.View full post »

You Were Promised Bacon

My apologies for the lateness of this post. This candied bacon endeavor happened way back a long time ago in October.View full post »

And the winner is…

The Gramkow Family! Thank you so much for everyone who nominated these amazing families and to all of you who voted!! IView full post »

Share the Love: Christmas Edition | The Voting Post

The nominations are in and they are so amazing and it’s going to be so hard to choose! Thank goodnessView full post »

The Dude And I | December

Ok, so the ‘weekly’ Dude and I photos haven’t been so weekly. I’m still taking them, there areView full post »

Share the Love: Christmas Edition – The Nomination Post

You may have heard about my new Share the Love program where I give away a free session to a family in need for everyView full post »

Just a Glimpse

It’s our first Christmas with the Dude and I’m beyond excited to send out our Christmas cards. I justView full post »

Keep On Keeping On

Things have been busy and busy around here and the blog is feeling neglected. I shall placate you with the Dude andView full post »

The Dude & I Wish You a Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and get to spend it with people you care about. We are Turkey TrottingView full post »

Double Duty :: A sneak peek with some context!

Do you have trouble imagining your photos up on your walls? No, of course not. Your imagination is perfect. It does notView full post »

A Princess’ Work Is Never Done

She’s a Detective + Princess + Grand Story Teller. Me: Why did the chicken cross the road? Miss A: (thinking)View full post »

We have awesome neighbors.

Have I mentioned how awesome our neighbors are? Oh yes, you’ve met Wendy, but her dear husband who has his ownView full post »

They Just Keep Growing! | Fort Worth Family Photographer

I love photographing Tiffany and Jeremy and their awesome kiddos. I’ve even been photographing Mr. C since beforeView full post »

The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers | The Dude Does Halloween

Halloween in Texas rarely requires a coat. =) Happy Halloween!View full post »

The Dude and I | Week 4

We had fun this week, put my monkey arms to use and took my favorite kind ofView full post »

The Great Cheesecake Quest, Part 2 | The Sweet Life

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner. In this case, 2nd time’s the charm. It did seem very strange to me to beView full post »

The Dude and I | Week 3ish

Playing around with some Instagram inspired Photoshop actions, and Tigger of course. You can download the actionsView full post »

Client Show & Tell | The Jordans

I love seeing the images I have taken for my clients displayed in their homes and up on their walls!! My clients are soView full post »

Family Photo Session Location Ideas: Your Own Backyard

I was recently asked where my favorite location was in Tarrant County for family portrait sessions. It didn’tView full post »

The Dude & I | Week 2

It’s exersaucer time. =) The book is getting “the LOOK”.View full post »

The Great Cheesecake Quest, Part 1 | The Sweet Life

Where do I begin? First, I need to organize my thoughts. This post is going to include a few things. In no particularView full post »

We Do Big Breakfast Weekends | The Sweet Life

Ok – so blueberry pancakes isn’t exactly an epic breakfast, but hey it’s not cereal. Not thatView full post »

The Dude & I

There I am. Looking through the past few months at the hundreds thousands of images of our precious little one. SoView full post »

I Heart Faces Challenge | People’s Choice

The challenge was “your very favorite face photo from this summer”. Was there ever any doubt who would beView full post »

I Heart Faces Challenge | A Touch of Sun

I’ve loved this site for a long time but never made time to enter one of their challenges. I realize my time isView full post »

Personal Projects :: Photo Displays

I thrive on projects. Especially short term, manageable, quickly complete-able projects. Things my attention span canView full post »

The Story of the Dude’s Arrival. Finally.

So, I realize I’m a bit late in posting this. Seeing several friends post their stories recently reminded meView full post »

September Days :: Sleep, Work and a Baby

Once upon a time, say… March, my days were filled with photography, computer work and house keeping. My eveningsView full post »

Love in Spring

When two of your good friends are head over heels for each other and they ask you to do a springtime session for them,View full post »

When Cooler Days Prevailed | A Fort Worth Springtime Photo Session

As most of you know, we were blessed with a new baby boy this Spring. As some of you also know, I wasView full post »

Why Photography Is Important To Me

This is going to get personal. Way personal. This post has been rattling around in my head for days. There are as manyView full post »

10 Spots Left

There are only 10 more photo session spots left before Christmas. Just thought I’d let you know.View full post »

Sharing the Love Starts Now | Would you like a session for half the price?

Obligatory Dude photo. He loves reading with Daddy. =) I’m so excited to be starting my new Share the LoveView full post »

Happiness is…smashing a water balloon over your sister’s head | Fort Worth Kids Photographer

Oh we had so much fun. It wasn’t super hot out thanks to some well placed clouds, but water balloons are ALWAYSView full post »

The In Betweens

Life around here has slowly begun to resemble some sort of routine lately. I know, I know. The moment you thinkView full post »

What in the World is a Digital Album?

It’s just what you think it is. A custom designed photo album that exists in digital form. In this case itView full post »

Yipeee!!! The site is up!

Can you tell I’m excited about my new site! There are lots of good things coming. Here and on the facebookView full post »

What’s New

It’s been a bit crazy around here getting used to the New Normal. Clearly the blog posting quickly dropped toView full post »

The Dude Arrived

Sooooo, it’s been awhile since I posted… I’ve got a good excuse. =) For the record, he showed up onView full post »

Baby Guessing Game: Because I Feel Like It – When Do YOU Think He’ll Show Up?

There is a lot of waiting going on around here. A lot of ‘I wonder if he’ll arrive today, tomorrow, nextView full post »

37 Weeks

For those of you that asked (Jenny) here you go. My brewery t-shirt from Hawaii, that still manages to fit over thisView full post »

It’s Getting Cute In Here

Finally, some pictures ready to post that AREN’T of me and my pregnant self! It’s by no means finished, butView full post »

35 Weeks

Lots of baby room prep this week. Pics coming soon! =)View full post »

34 Weeks

All kinds of crazy goodness this week. Super yummy food. Wonderful friends who throw wonderful parties to celebrateView full post »

33 Weeks

Getting closer (to his birthday, and all things in front of me) every day…View full post »

My Carpenter

Did I mention lately that I have a wonderful husband? If not, then, I have a wonderful husband.  He can build stuff. HeView full post »

32 Weeks

photo taken by the lovely Maggie McDonald of Maggie McDonald Photography Last week I got to hang out with two of myView full post »

Big Hairy Audacious Plans

Call it online nesting, call it biting off lots to chew.  All I know is that last week I was headed down a very busyView full post »

31 Weeks

Week 31 wore me out. It was a good week with lots going on, but I think the Dude had a growth spurt or something causeView full post »

30 weeks

The weather has been awesome. Our windows have been open every day. We’re taking walks, sitting on the porch,View full post »

What’s Going On Around Here

Remember that post where I talked about focus, and how I was going to discard the unnecessary and focus on getting theView full post »

Our light afflictions

My friend Jenny over at Diapers and Dog Fur posted today about being pregnant and achy and then remembering how easyView full post »

29 weeks

Yes, I realize we skipped week 28, but I had good reason.  Reason #1 – I had a bad cold and therefore lookedView full post »

The rumors are true: my childhood bedroom

Many of you have seen it, a few of you helped create it, but some of you have only heard about it. My room. So, whenView full post »

Trying New Things – Pork Chops with Apples and Onions

Cooking for boys.  That is basically what my new favorite cookbook is all about.  Whether you have one or 7,  this bookView full post »

27 weeks

Thank you to everyone who came or sent notes to our baby shower in Ohio!  It was such a wonderful day. Thank you SOOOView full post »

26 weeks or something like that

And we’re still going.  Everything has been going pretty good so far.  I have concluded after this week thatView full post »


That is my word for 2011. Focus. To direct toward a particular point or purpose. To adjust one’s vision so as toView full post »

Newborn Sneak Peek: Miss V

I know that saying that a baby is the most adorable baby in the world is a highly subjective statement, but when IView full post »

Week 23

oh, and total props to my friend Brooke M. for taking this for us. =)View full post »

This video always makes me smile.

Bon Iver – For Emma, For Ever Ago – A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo. Just posting one of myView full post »

My Favorite 2010 Photos: Number 1

I’m always trying to get great pictures of my family.  This year I made a special effort to do some real photoView full post »

My Favorite 2010 Photos: Number 2

It is an amazing thing to watch people grow up before your eyes.  I love you B!View full post »

My Favorite 2010 Photos: Number 3

This has to be one of my favorite nature/still life photos ever. It makes me happy, and I never get tired of lookingView full post »


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!! Here’s the latest preggo pic.  There I go, blending into the wallView full post »

My Favorite 2010 Photos: Number 5

Sometimes things just work out right. I love this one. =)View full post »

My Favorite 2010 Photos: Number 6

This one is a memory, but i think it’s also a right of passage.  =)View full post »

My Favorite 2010 Photos: Number 11

Rides in a wheelbarrow courtesy of Daddy. What could be better. =)View full post »

20: the half-ish way point

Mixing it up a bit this week with the pic =) Enjoy. And thank you Jessica Klima for taking our picture!!! =)View full post »

My Favorite 2010 Photos: Number 12

scenario: their almost 2 yr old daughter came and sat on my lap while I took these photos…and proceeded to tootView full post »

My Favorite 2010 Photos: Number 14

It’s all about the windup. I’m not necessarily going to explain all the photos, because well, sometimesView full post »

My Favorite 2010 Photos: The Honorable Mentions

There are so many different reasons to love an image.  For the person who takes the photo, the images does not happenView full post »

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