Organic Bloom Custom Frames

Karyn Kelbaugh Photography is proud to now be offering gorgeous custom design frames from The Organic Bloom Collection. These frames are so awesome and I’m happy to be offering them to folks here in the DFW area. Their unique colors and designs, full of personality, are the perfect compliment to the images I deliver to my clients. However, you do not need to purchase a session or any services with me to purchase these frames. You can just call me up (or email of course) and order anytime.  I’ll be posting more images of different frames and colors soon. Order yours today!

The Organic Bloom Custom Frame Selection

Click on these images below to see up close all of the colors available. Computer screens aren’t always honest. To be sure of the exact color you’ll be getting, I have actual touchable color samples that you can see to make sure the color you think you’re getting is the one you get. Contact me about ordering and prices.

The Original Colors

The 2011 Color Collection

Another reason why I think these frames are perfect for my clients? They make a custom ipad frame!! So you can have the best of both worlds! Your digital images on your ipad, displayed in a beautiful wood frame. How cool is that! Ask me about it if you’re interested. =)


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